Fairy of Shampoo


hi, i'm brooke! ♡

twenties. she/her. university student.
enfp(t). 2w1. sanguine. chaotic good.
aquarius sun. leo moon. cancer rising.
tomorrow x together ult. ot5 biased. ♡

♡ likes ♡
hugs, cuddles, sweet people, tomorrow x together, the color pink, kitties, glitter, dark chocolate, autumn, learning languages, learning in general, reading, writing, journaling, makeup, skincare, cosmetology as a whole, dancing, all things cutesy, bts' min yoongi, my friends, etc! ♡
✗ dislikes ✗
mean/rude people, fan wars, alcohol, drugs, mayonnaise, hot weather, country music, wasps, math, etc...


listening: back to me – got7
watching: to do x txt
reading: watch us rise – r.w. + e.h.

don't interact!

if you're needlessly mean to other people, if you actively participate in fan wars, or if you solo stan txt!